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Expats send $813m in remittances in 10 days of August

Publish: 01:08 PM, 12 Aug, 2022


Amid various discussions and concerns about the country's economy, Bangladesh expatriates have sent around 813 million US dollars in remittance in the first 10 days of August. Converted to local currency, the amount sums up to Tk 7,804 crore (96 taka per dollar).

If the current trend continues, the amount of expatriate income may reach up to 243 million dollars at the end of the month, according to data revealed by Bangladesh Bank on Thursday (August 11).

According to the sector concerned, the gap of dollar rate between banks and open market remains wide. Foer this, expats tend to send money through hundi than legitimate channels.

The central bank is providing around Tk96-98 against each dollar, along with 2.5% government incentives. In total, the amount stands at Tk100. However, the dollar sells in the open market at Tk118-Tk120. This means that remittances coming through other channels than banking channels are getting more money, due to which the remittance flow through legitimate channels is less. Therefore, it will be difficult to increase expatriate income if the gap between banks and open market is not reduced.

Bangladeshi expatriates sent foreign currency equivalent to 209 million 69 million US dollars to the country in July. According to the current exchange rate of the local currency, this amount is about TK 20,000cr, about $260 million more compared to June.

According to the data of the Central Bank, in the financial year 2021-22, expatriate Bangladeshis sent remittances of 21.03 billion US dollars to the country through banking channels, which is 15.11 percent less than the previous financial year. In the fiscal year 2020-21, expatriates sent remittances of two thousand 477 crore 77 lakh (24.77 billion) dollars.

The central bank has been continuously lowering the value of the rupee against the dollar to increase the flow of remittances to solve the foreign exchange crisis. Now in the interbank currency market, every dollar has to be bought at Tk 95. That is, Bangladesh Bank is selling dollars to the banks at this rate to meet the government import bill. As per rules, this is the official rate of the dollar.

However, it has been found out in various banks and curb markets, the banks are taking Tk 100 to 110 for import bills, selling cash dollars at the rate of Tk 108 to 110 Thursday. Meanwhile, dollars are being sold at the rate of 118 to 120 taka in open market or curb market outside the bank.

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PM Hasina reaches London on the way back home

Publish: 02:09 PM, 03 Oct, 2022


A VVIP chartered flight carrying Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her entourage members reached London Stanstead Airport at 7:30 am (local time) for a short stopover on route to Dhaka.

Bangladesh High Commissioner to the UK Saida Muna Tasneem received the Prime Minister at the airport, according to Bangladesh High Commission in London.

Earlier, the Prime Minister left Washington DC around 6:30pm on Sunday (local time), wrapping up her 18-day official visit to the UK and the USA.


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Quader urges all to stay alert to maintain peace during Durga Puja

Publish: 09:50 PM, 02 Oct, 2022


Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader today urged all concerned to remain alert to maintain peace and harmony during the ongoing Durga Puja.

"A vested quarter wants to shift the responsibility to the government after carrying out attacks on the Hindu community," he said while visiting Ramakrishna Mission puja mandap in the capital on the Mahasaptami day of Durga Puja.

Urging all to remain alert, Quader said an evil force wants to mean that the minorities are not safe under the Awami League regime.

"The puja committee told me that none gets punished for communal attacks...many criminals were brought to justice in Bangladesh under the Sheikh Hasina government. Even, members of her own party (AL) have been sent to jail. Perpetrators will not be spared if they carry out attacks on Hindu temples, houses and puja mandaps," he said.

The AL general secretary said the national election is approaching and ahead of the polls, the vested quarter, by conducting attacks on the Hindus community, wants to inform the Indian government that those were carried out by the Awami League.

"So, remain alter against the evil force," he added.

Asking BNP not to do politics over the Durga Puja festival, Quader said: "We want a peaceful election, let religious activities be done peacefully...along with the ruling party, the opposition party also has a role to play in keeping Durga Puja festival peaceful till Bijoya Dashami (Immersion of Goddess idol).  You have a responsible role to play too," Quader said.

Urging the Hindus community members not to get panicked on the occasion of Durga Puja, he said the AL leaders and workers remain alert to this end.

The road transport minister said, Sheikh Hasina's government has been in power for 13 years while Durga Puja was held in the 13 years.

There were 30,000 puja mandaps in the country last year but the number increased to over 32,000 this year, he said.

"I would like to remind you that Durga Puja was targeted for violence only once in these 13 years. The Hindu community members, their temples and houses were targeted. Even their houses and shops were attacked. I would like to say that Durga Puja was held peacefully for 11 years. But, last year   some untoward incidents happened," Quader said.

AL office secretary Biplab Barua, Dhaka South City AL president Abu Ahmed Mannafi, its general secretary Humayun Kabir and vice president Dr Dilip Roy were, among others, present.



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Maha Saptami today

Publish: 12:59 PM, 02 Oct, 2022


The Hindu community of the country will celebrate the Maha Saptami today on the second day of the five-day Durga Puja, marking the Goddess’s victory over the demon Mahishashur.

The devotees will sing hymns and offer flowers seeking the blessings of Durga, the savior of humanity from all evils.

The victory of Goddess Durga, daughter of the majestic Himalayas, over the devil symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.

The Maha Sasthi was celebrated on Saturday, the first day of the biggest religious festival of Bengali Hindus, with the mandaps wearing festive looks and getting reverberated with the sounds of dhaak (drums), brass instruments, and conches amidst hymns by Brahmins.

Many people of the Hindu community gathered around the puja mandaps in the evening to receive the deity Durga and her children Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartik, and Ganesh.

On the occasion, the government has taken adequate security measures at the mandaps, said, law enforcers. Puja organizers also expressed their satisfaction with security arrangements.

Ministers of different ministries, government officials, politicians, and dignitaries are scheduled to visit different puja mandaps of the capital today.

Mahanagar Sarbajanin Puja Committee and Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad have taken elaborate programs on the occasion of Durga puja.

They will distribute new clothes and foods in front of different mandaps in the capital and elsewhere across the country today among the poor people from all religions.

This year, Durga Puja will be celebrated in 32,168 mandaps across the country which is 50 more than the last year.


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Twelfth supply of metro rail to Mongla port

Publish: 10:53 AM, 02 Oct, 2022


Foreign ship MV Venus Triumph arrived at Mongla port jetty with eight coaches and four engines of Metro Rail. The redemption of these products started on Sunday (02 October) morning. Earlier on Saturday evening, the ship anchored at Jetty No. 8 of the port.

It is reported that the foreign ship MV Venus Triumph left the port of Kobe in Japan on September 8 with eight railway coaches and four engines.

Md Wahiduzzaman, manager of Ancient Steam Ship Company, the local shipping agent of the ship Venus Triumph, said that the coaches and engines of the ship will be taken to the Diabari metro rail depot in Dhaka's Uttara by barge (boat) after unloading.

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4 killed in Narsingdi as truck hits CNG

Publish: 09:34 AM, 02 Oct, 2022


Four passengers of a CNG-powered auto-rickshaw were killed after being run over by a truck in Narsingdi's Mahmudabad. The accident occurred on Sunday morning. 

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