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'There's been a bit of an overreaction to Omicron'


Dr. ABM Abdullah, the PM's personal physician, and the medical expert said the current situation in Corona was good and comforting. But it is an unpredictable disease and no one can say when it will happen next. Corona is growing in European countries at the beginning of winter. In America, too, it is growing at an alarming rate. Omicron has been caught in about 31 countries. Now nothing can be said. And as far as Omicron is concerned, it spreads very fast but no one has died yet. It has very mild symptoms like cough, sore throat, fever. However, it has been heard that one affected by this variant feels very tired. But no news of the death has been found yet.

This was stated by Prof. Dr. ABM Abdullah in an exclusive interview with Bangla Insider on various issues including the possibility of increasing the incidence of corona including new variants of corona in winter. For the readers, Prof. Dr. ABM Abdullah has been interviewed by Mahmudul Hasan Tuhin, Bangla Insider's own correspondent.

"I think it's going to be a bit of an overreaction," said Professor Dr. ABM Abdullah. Maybe not as serious as everyone says. However, very contagious, it is true. Even then I think it was told to make people watchful. We have to be careful about this, we have to be aware, we have to follow the hygiene rules, we have to get vaccinated. Don't be lazy in this matter. Those who came from Africa came a long time ago. Even if they are traced the quarantine time has probably passed. I don't think we have anything to fear about them. Or after three or four days the quarantine stage will be over, there is nothing to fear.

He added that more research is being done on vaccines. It is difficult to say whether the vaccine will work or not. It will be understood in a few more days. It may not work; it may happen again. Definitely, nothing can be said about it and no one can say. Mordana is thinking about giving booster dose. The booster dose may modify this vaccine to bring a stronger vaccine. Everything will be clear in the next few days.


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'Teachers don't recognize students, students don't recognize teachers'

Publish: 04:30 PM, 26 Dec, 2021


Professor Abdul Mannan, former chairman of the University Grants Commission, said that the educational institutions are opening, some are already open. Classes are running from primary to madrasa, university. Classes are running perfectly in many universities. In many, classes are being coordinated with the students. In many cases, there are very few direct classes. A new variant of Corona Omicron has also been identified in Bangladesh. Probably for fear of infection with Omicron it is not possible to take all the classes directly now. Besides, I don't see any other visible reason.

Professor Abdul Mannan said this in a private conversation with Bangla Insider on various issues including direct classes in educational institutions. For readers, Professor Abdul Mannan was interviewed by Bangla Insider's own correspondent Oliul Islam.

Professor Abdul Mannan said, "I don't want to think that the educational institutions are not being fully mobilized due to political reasons." Because Dhaka University has already been opened for students. The students are staying in the hall. They are giving exams. Apart from this, classes are also being held directly in other universities. There are also some online classes. On-campus classes are also being held at Chittagong University. If it was closed for political reasons, then primary schools, secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions were not supposed to be reopened. As a result, I do not see politics here. I do not think that political issues are playing an important role in the non-opening of educational institutions.

He further said that if the hygiene rules are fully complied with then the educational institution can be fully started. All the schools and colleges in Europe and America have already opened. There are also institutions that have not reopened. Different types of experiments are going on in each country. In our neighbouring country India there are two days on-campus and the rest of the day off-campus classes. As a result, it can be said that depending on the corona situation in the country, the number of day’s on-campus can be run.

Stating that the number of classes could be increased, Professor Abdul Mannan said that at present the incidence of corona is less in the country. As a result, the number of classes can be increased than before. But at the same time, the safety of the students has to be taken care of. Besides, I am not a doctor. Specialist doctors can say better. Our students have not been able to come to campus for two years. Classes are running online. The teacher does not recognize the student. Again, the students do not know the teacher. Nobody knows, but online classes are going on. Online classes have not stopped for a day.


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'Horror of Omicron is unpredictable'

Publish: 04:15 PM, 28 Dec, 2021


Dr ABM Abdullah, the PM's personal doctor and medical expert, said Covid vaccination is an ongoing process. Those who have not yet received the first dose should be vaccinated. There is no way to stop it. A new addition to this process is the booster dose. Who will be given the booster dose is pre-determined. It will be given on a priority basis and those who have passed the two-dose vaccination six months will be able to take the booster dose. Also, booster doses are good for people in their sixties, especially those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease or cancer.

This was stated by Professor Dr ABM Abdullah in an exclusive interview with Bangla Insider on various issues including corona booster dose and corona outbreak. For readers, Professor Dr ABM Abdullah has been interviewed by Bangla Insider's own correspondent Oliul Islam.

Dr ABM Abdullah said two doses often do not work well. Booster doses increase corona resistance and are more effective. So booster doses should be given and those who have not yet been vaccinated should also be vaccinated. Since a lot of vaccines are coming from abroad, I think the two activities will go hand in hand. Giving a booster dose is a good initiative and I think it should be given.

He said that, it's not that only elites will get this vaccine. It has been fixed who will be given. Not everyone is being given. Only those who are at risk are being given. Booster doses are also being given in other countries of the world. Now those who get elite are people and they are people of Bangladesh. As a result, there is no problem if they get it. If they are subject to the rules, then what is the fault of giving them? Let everyone get it, that's the main thing.

He added that there are many limitations here. Much depends on availability. It is necessary to work with this in mind so that no injustice is done to anyone. Those at risk, especially doctors, journalists, nurses, hospital staff, and even ambulance drivers, should be given a booster dose. Because he will pick up and drop off the patient. That means he will have to come in contact with the patient. Besides, members of police, RAB and other law enforcement agencies will also have to be given. They have to go here and there to maintain law and order. As a result, they should be given. Journalists also have to go to different places to collect news. They are constantly informing us. They should be given too.

Asked how much Omicron could hurt Bangladesh, he said the horrors of Omicron Omicron are actually unpredictable. Can't say yet. We're getting a couple of news. But no one really knows what is happening. Now new types are coming. It doesn't take long for these types to be serious. Slowly everything will be known. As a result, we still have fears. To get rid of this you need to be health conscious. Must wear mask. Government instructions must be obeyed.


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'Men use women as products'

Publish: 06:23 PM, 24 Dec, 2021


About the incident of gang rape, while visiting Cox's Bazar recently, social activist, feminist, and environmentalist Khushi Kabir said that women are not safe anywhere, whether inside or outside the house. They are not safe to communicate with anyone. In the country and also in different countries of the world, a little more exaggeration has started. Since men use women as products of their choice. Or rape when needed. And murder in the end. Also if he wants, he can use the woman and throw her away. That means a woman's life has no value. I saw in today's newspaper that a woman has been raped locally in Bandarban.

In an exclusive interview with Bangla Insider, Khushi Kabir raised various issues related to women being attacked and raped in different places. For the readers, Khushi Kabir was interviewed by Bangla Insider's own correspondent Oliul Islam.

Khushi Kabir said men here are more capable than women, they have more strength, but none of this works. This is because men are so weak human beings, so insignificant that they do not know how to respect themselves. They don't even know how to respect women. I don't think they know how to respect themselves, they don't know how to respect other people. They think everyone is inhuman, just because they are. I would not say that all men are like that. The man who accepts and respects himself as a man respects everyone.

She said that the reasons behind this evil deed of men towards women are actually mental than political. The field of thought and humanity are the two things responsible for these actions. The weakness that men have in their field of thought is that they are told that this work is their masculinity, a place to influence them, a place to show their strength. In all these cases, the issue of property often comes up. A lot of the time money matters. Sometimes the issue of politics also comes up. At some point, like the madrasa teacher who rapes the children, the issue of his power also comes up. As a result, the whole thing can be called a sick condition.


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'Democracy has won UP elections'

Publish: 05:07 PM, 27 Dec, 2021


SM Kamal Hossain, organizing secretary of Bangladesh Awami League, said the Union Parishad (UP) elections are going smoothly. People are going to the polls, that's a big deal. This election is a victory of democracy. Who will win and who will lose in the election, is not a big issue. The way the BNP-Jamaat and their allies propagated the election in Bangladesh, the conspiracy to divert the people from the election, the people are going to the polls and voting in every election without stepping on their conspiracy.

He said this while talking to Bangla Insider on various issues including the fourth phase of UP elections, the collapse of the Awami League, and violence. Bangla Insider's own correspondent Oliul Islam has interviewed SM Kamal Hossain for the readers.

SM Kamal Hossain said, "Once again in this grassroots election, the common people have gone to the polls and elected the candidate of their choice." This is the victory of democracy. The victory of People's Leader Sheikh Hasina. As the leader of the people Sheikh Hasina believes, 'I will give my vote to whomever I please', the main goal of the people's leader Sheikh Hasina is to implement this belief. We think democracy has won the UP elections.

He also said, "People have participated in the elections". This is not to say that one or two isolated incidents did not happen. Of course, there have been isolated incidents. But this is what happens in every grassroots election. There is no period in which such isolated incidents have not taken place.

Asked about the rebel candidates of the Awami League, Kamal Hossain said, "The reason for the grassroots rebel candidates is that the candidates think that this election is not an election to change the power, this election will not change the power." As a result, many rebel candidates remain. They took a stand against the Nouka candidate. Many grassroots Awami League workers also voted for them. Besides, the communal forces which do not like the Nouka, the supporters of BNP-Jamaat also took a stand in favor of the rebel candidate. Combined with all this, many times the rebel candidate won. Even then, we think the election was held in a festive atmosphere. People went to the polls. Democracy has won, that is the big thing.

Asked if there was any nomination trade in the UP elections, he said, "I do not know of any nomination trade." Like journalists, I hear it. Again, I am not on the nomination board. But what I do know is that names are sent from the grassroots. There are names of five-seven people, often 10 people. From there, nominees are accepted. I don't know if there is any trade here.


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‘Study should not be stopped, even if the educational institutions are closed this time’


Dr. Mizanur Rahman, former Vice-Chancellor of Jagannath University and Professor in the Department of Marketing at Dhaka University, said, “Our country has suffered far less than many countries in the world. In our country, unlike other countries, not so many people have died or been affected. What is the main reason for this? Are we overly hygienic? No, we don't follow any hygiene rules compared to that. But one factor is at work here.

Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman said this in an exclusive interview with Bangla Insider on various issues including concern about the new variant Omicron, the possibility of closure of educational institutions, and HSC examination starting from today. For readers, Professor Dr. Mizanur Rahman has been interviewed by Mahmudul Hasan Tuhin, Bangla Insider's own correspondent.

Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman said that there is a historical connection between keeping the educational institutions open and increasing the infection rate or death rate. There have been many epidemics in the world in the last one-two hundred years and the infections and mortality rates were higher in places where educational institutions were kept open. The main reason is that young children are known to be very good carriers of the virus. They are not very infected with the virus but they carry the virus home with them.

"In our country, schools and colleges have been closed from the beginning, which has reduced our infection rate," he said. So whether the closure of schools and colleges has any effect on our well-being is now a matter of research. And if the infection increases, schools, and colleges must be closed for the safety of children.

Professor Dr. Mizanur Rahman said that even if the school is closed this time, the study will not be stopped. Now there is no problem with the internet or device. Adequate training activities in this regard have also been completed in educational institutions. And I have seen with different exams that 200 students out of 200 are present in online exams. Therefore, even if the schools and colleges are closed again due to natural causes, the studies should not be stopped.

He further added that this time those who are giving intermediate exams have been facing great difficulties in their studies for the last two years. But for those who will take the exam in the future, if we can stay well till next March, April, then the syllabus will be finished for them if the teachers take classed in full force. Then they can take the exam with a complete syllabus.