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December: The month of victory

Publish: 11:53 AM, 07 Dec, 2021


At the beginning of the month of victory, I remember Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the Bengali nation and 3 million martyrs of the great liberation war. At the same time, I respectfully remember the four national leaders, whose leadership and determination defeated the barbaric Pakistani forces and achieved the flag of Bangladesh.

December is a very proud month for us. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the sons of the Bengali nation, the heroic freedom fighters, through whose boundless sacrifice we have got this independent and sovereign Bangladesh.

In the 50th year of the victory, Bangladesh has evolved from a least developed country to a middle-income country, which is a historic achievement for us as a nation.

The Awami League government promised to build a digital Bangladesh by 2021, and we have already successfully implemented that promise. Our goal is to build a better Bangladesh by 2041. InshaAllah, with the cooperation and participation of all of you, we will succeed in achieving that goal.

May the dream of Bangabandhu to build a better Bangladesh be the dream of us all, in this month of victory.

Joy Bangla

Joy Bangabandhu

(Collected from Facebook) 


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Padma Bridge symbol of dignity; future of Bangladesh hinges much on this bridge: Joy

Publish: 12:54 PM, 15 Jun, 2022


Prime Minister's ICT Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy has said Padma Bridge is not just an engineering masterpiece but a symbol of pride and dignity of Bangladesh as well.

"All the people of this country equally share this glory. The future of Bangladesh hinges much on this bridge," he wrote while sharing a video from his verified Facebook account on the mega project.

Monsoon is around and the river Padma will be bulging soon, the most treacherous one only after the Amazon.

Since independence, people of the entire southern region have been required to risk life for crossing the river throughout the year.

"But that risky journey seems to end on 26 June as the Awami League government has bridged your dream with reality, building a bridge to make your journey safer, easier, faster and hassle-free," Joy said.

Padma Bridge stands majestically above the river marked with one of the strongest currents in the world.

Braving a spectrum of challenges, we have finally executed this self-funded project, he said.

"It's your and my hard-earned money that contributed to this success. Padma Bridge with my money, Padma Bridge for my country," he said.

It was beyond the imagination of the world that a developing country in South Asia could handle this masterpiece structure with its own fund, Joy said.

But, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's indomitable courage and vision made this happen, he added.

"Now this success story of Bangladesh is acclaimed all across the planet. Padma Bridge, awaiting an awe-inspiring inauguration on June 25, symbolizes the dignity of Bangladesh on the global stage," Joy mentioned in his Facebook post.

This bridge has connected around one-third of the country's land area, entangled with rivers, to the capital.

Consequently, it will catalyze the local and international trades of Bangladesh.

"In addition to transforming the economic footing of around 50 million people of the South-west part of the country, it will also ensure a rise in the national income by at least 1.5%, a paradigm shift for the entire Bangladesh," Joy said.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is scheduled to inaugurate the Padma Bridge on June 25 while it will remain open for vehicular movement from 26 June.


Padma Bridge   Sajeeb Wazed Joy  


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We extend our heartfelt tribute to the brightest minds of this soil

Publish: 03:51 PM, 14 Dec, 2021


December 14 marks the Martyred Intellectuals Day, a day reminding the shock that the nation is still reeling from. Back in 1971, when the occupation army of Pakistan found their footing shaken and started surrendering at different parts of the country, they killed the intellectuals and professionals from diverse arenas with the aid of Razakar, Al-Badr, and Al-Shams, formed by the armed forces of Pakistan in collaboration with their local collaborators. They blindfolded and murdered them to leave the land soon to be independent as intellectually bankrupt. Their goal was to resist Bangladesh from standing with dignity in the world as an independent and sovereign country. That is why they cut short the lives of the best sons of this soil who could drive the country forward.
Intellectuals such as poets, literateurs, journalists, teachers, engineers, physicians, artists, singers, and filmmakers made a huge contribution to every stage of the Liberation War of Bangladesh. They played a remarkable role in inspiring the whole nation to jump into the warfield to save the land from the occupation army. They are credited with playing their part in the strategic moves such as forming the Mujib Nagar government, dividing the country into different sectors and assigning a sector commander to each of them, establishing different organizations of the government of Bangladesh, appointing able people to these organizations, and ensuring international supports. Had they been alive today, Bangladesh could even surpass where it is now.
On this Martyred Intellectuals Day, we extend our heartfelt tribute to the brightest minds of this soil.


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Dr. Murad apologized

Publish: 02:22 PM, 07 Dec, 2021


The newly resigned State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr. Murad Hasan has finally apologized for his offensive remarks.

The former state minister apologized to everyone in a Facebook status from his verified Facebook page on Tuesday (December 7).

In his status, Dr. Murad said,

“Forgive me if I have done anything wrong or if my words have hurt any mothers and sisters.

I will abide by all the decisions of Hon'ble Prime Minister, daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Hasina for life.

Joy Bangla

Joy Bangabandhu”

A senior official of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting told the media that the state minister had tendered his resignation citing personal reasons.

Last night, the Prime Minister ordered Dr. Murad to resign. After that, on the instructions of the Prime Minister, State Minister Dr. Murad sent his resignation letter by email.


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Culture of eating

Publish: 12:58 PM, 07 Dec, 2021


I love inviting people to my house and feeding them. I try to arrange as many items as possible. But some niggard people will say, ‘Bengali girls are always like that, they love feeding people’.

They eat and leave calling it my culture. As if I am inviting them because of my culture and I can’t continue if I don’t practice my culture regularly. So they are blessing me and doing me a favor by coming to my house and having a meal with me. The thing is they never invite me.

I have been saying since then, not everyone in Bangladesh invites people over and eat together. Only those who have big hearts do. This is true not only for Bangladesh but everywhere in the world. Those whose hearts are big, love to cook for people or do something for others. People with small hearts are everywhere in the world, even in Bangladesh, they don't feed anyone, they don't do anything for anyone.


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Believe and have patience

Publish: 12:12 PM, 07 Dec, 2021


‘Whatever you see, hear, know, don’t panic, despair, or be upset. Believe and have patience. The trouble will be mine whatsoever. Maybe the hardship will triple. But whatever it is, there will be no single amount of deviation or irregularity or manipulation. Give it time. Wait.'

Additional Secretary Mahbub Kabir Milon, who is also the managing director of the board of directors of e-commerce company Evaly, said this in a status on Facebook on Tuesday (October 26).

The first meeting of the new board of Evaly formed under the direction of the High Court was held today. The meeting was held at Evaly's head office in Dhanmondi. Mahbub Kabir Milon and other members including the chairman of the new board were present there.