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Gunmen killed after trying to breach FBI office

Publish: 11:33 AM, 12 Aug, 2022


An armed man was shot dead by law enforcement after trying to breach into the FBI’s office in Ohio state on Thursday morning. The US-based intelligence agency said this in a statement, reports The Gurdian.

The gunman reportedly tried to enter the bureau's office in Cincinnati on Thursday (August 11) morning local time. As he approached, the alarm went off and when armed FBI agents responded, he fled in the vehicle. The police chased the car and stopped it in an area of ​​the city. After the vehicle stopped, gunfire was exchanged between the suspect and police officers.

The Guardian also reported that the police still tried to talk to the man, but he refused to surrender. When the suspect pointed his weapon at the police, the security officers opened fire and he waws shot dead on the spot.

AFP said in their report, this incident has given rise to widespread discussion. Because just a few days ago, former US President Donald Trump's Florida home was searched by the FBI, which angered his ardent supporters. However, the link between the two incidents could not be confirmed immediately.

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Israeli forces kill two Palestinians in the West Bank

Publish: 04:46 PM, 03 Oct, 2022


Israeli forces said they shot and killed two Palestinians in the West Bank who they said tried to carry out a car-ramming attack on troops conducting a security operation, while a Palestinian official described the incident as an "execution".

The latest in a near-daily series of security incidents in the West Bank took place before dawn in the Al-Jalazoun refugee camp near Ramallah.

The Israeli military said soldiers went into the camp to apprehend an individual suspected of "terror activity".

During the operation, "two suspects attempted to carry out a ramming attack against IDF soldiers. The soldiers responded with fire and neutralized the two suspects", said the Israeli military.

The account was disputed by a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who said the troops had carried out an "execution."

"Such a reckless policy will not bring security or stability for anyone," said the spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudeineh.

Awatef Basbous, the mother of one of the dead men, said her son had been going to his job at a bakery when he was shot.

"It never crossed my mind they would kill him on his way to work," Awatef Basbous said, as she met women neighbours who came to the house to pay their respects.

More than 70 Palestinians have been killed this year as Israel has stepped its operations in West Bank cities following a series of deadly Palestinian street attacks in Israel earlier in the year.

Raids by Israeli security forces and clashes with militant groups in West Bank cities like Nablus and Jenin have escalated as Israel approaches a general election on Nov. 1.

Initial media reports spoke of three casualties in the incident and one witness, who declined to be identified, said he had seen troops carrying three bodies away from the site. However Israeli military spokesmen said there were only two casualties.

- Reuters

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Svante Pääbo wins Nobel Prize in Medicine

Publish: 03:50 PM, 03 Oct, 2022


Scientist Svante Paabo won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discoveries “concerning the genomes of extinct hominins and human evolution,” the award-giving body said on Monday.

The prize, arguably among the most prestigious in the scientific world, is awarded by the Nobel Assembly of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute and is worth 10 million Swedish crowns ($900,357).

It is the first of this year’s batch of prizes.

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Road accident in India leaves 27 dead: reports

Publish: 10:57 AM, 02 Oct, 2022


A tractor pulling a trolley packed with pilgrims returning from a shrine in India overturned Saturday and plunged into a pond, killing as many as 27 people, Indian media reported.

The accident in the city of Kanpur in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh left another 22 people injured, reported The Times of India.

Other news media gave slightly lower death tolls.

The tractor-trolley was bringing Hindu pilgrims back from the Chandrika Devi temple, reports said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered his condolences in a tweet.

"Distressed by the tractor-trolley mishap took place in Kanpur. My thoughts are with all those who have lost their near and dear ones and prayers with the injured," Modi said.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said this kind of vehicle -- a tractor pulling a large cart -- should be used only to transport farm goods and freight, not people, The Hindu said.

"The road accident in Kanpur district is very heart-wrenching," he said.


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Germany to supply Ukraine with air defence system in days

Publish: 09:53 AM, 02 Oct, 2022


Germany will deliver the first of four advanced IRIS-T air defence systems to Ukraine in the coming days to help ward off drone attacks, its defence minister Christine Lambrecht said during an unannounced visit to Odessa on Saturday.

As air raid sirens sounded in the port city above, Lambrecht held talks with her Ukrainian counterpart Oleksii Reznikov in an underground bunker. Lambrecht had extended a visit to nearby Moldova for the meeting.

"In a few days, we will deliver the very modern IRIS-T air defence system," she told ARD television. "It is very important for drone defence in particular."

Ukraine has been seeing more attacks from Iranian-made kamikaze drones in recent weeks, costing lives and causing serious damage to infrastructure.

It first emerged in May that Berlin was considering sending the IRIS-T surface-to-air defence system, which costs 150 million euros ($147 million) apiece.

The German armed forces themselves do not currently own the system, reckoned among the world's most advanced.

Earlier, meeting her Moldovan counterpart Anatolie Nosatii in Chisinau, she urged Western countries not to be deterred from arming Ukraine by threats that Russia could use nuclear weapons.

"We have to be very careful," she said. "But we mustn't let ourselves be paralysed."

Germany is facing calls to step up its support for Ukraine, including by sending offensive weapons such as the modern tanks Kyiv says it needs to take the fight to Russian forces.

Berlin has so far resisted such calls, arguing that such moves would escalate the situation and pointing out that no other country has so far sent tanks more modern than old Soviet stock sent by former Warsaw Pact countries.

- Reuters

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Turkey rejects Russia's annexation of Ukrainian territory

Publish: 04:47 PM, 01 Oct, 2022


Turkey's Foreign Ministry said on Saturday it rejects Russia's annexation of four regions in Ukraine, adding the decision is a "grave violation" of international law.

Turkey, a NATO member, has conducted a diplomatic balancing act since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February. Ankara opposes Western sanctions on Russia and has close ties with both Moscow and Kyiv, its Black Sea neighbours. It has also criticised Russia's invasion and sent armed drones to Ukraine.

The Turkish ministry said on Saturday it had not recognised Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014, adding that it rejects Russia's decision to annex the four regions, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.

"This decision, which constitutes a grave violation of the established principles of international law, cannot be accepted," the ministry said.

"We reiterate our support to the resolution of this war, the severity of which keeps growing, based on a just peace that will be reached through negotiations," it added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin proclaimed the annexation of the regions on Friday, promising Moscow would triumph in its "special military operation" even as he faced a potentially serious new military reversal.

His proclamation came after Russia held what it called referendums in occupied areas of Ukraine. Western governments and Kyiv said the votes breached international law and were coercive and non-representative.

The United States, Britain and Canada announced new sanctions in response.

Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskiy said on Friday his country had submitted a fast-track application to join the NATO military alliance and that he would not hold peace talks with Russia while Putin was still president.

- Reuters

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